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Stand for Silenced Ethiopians: July 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

Ethiopia: Can Meles Fight Corruption?

Ethiopia: Can Meles Fight Corruption?
There are places that Tigrayans are not allowed to go through. There are political prisoners who are not allowed visit by family and friends, prisoners whose whereabouts are not known. Nobody knows whether they are dead or alive. There are over 13 massive prisons in Tigray [i.e. like Woree, Geheneb, Tekezze, etc] in caves and valleys at various locations each with over three thousand inmates. These are beyond the known / official prisons of the cities and towns that are known to the public. Worse of all, instead of building schools, hospitals, roads, etc Meles, the leader of the TPLF/EPRDF, head of state of Ethiopia, has built the biggest prison in Ethiopia. The prison, which can take 50,000 inmates, is in Shire, Western Tigray. This is a place to keep under lock and key the whole society. For PM Meles, Sebhate and Co, this is the meaning and definition of democracy. It is the special gift of TPLF/EPRDF to the people of Northern Ethiopia. Read more

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Defend the Defenseless, the Carnage in Ethiopia

Relatives waiting for the body of the slaughtered protestors

The Untold Addis Ababa State Violence

A Young student being beaten by the Meles’ Killing Squad

A nurse who received the body of the massacred peaceful demonstrators.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A girl crying for the peaceful protestors massacred by the Meles Zenawi killing squad.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Parochial TPLF-EPRDF Government Supporting the Expansion of Radical Islam in Ethiopia for its Sinister Mission

One of the strengths of Ethiopia was the peaceful and harmonious life between Christians and Muslims. This was one of the strong bonds tied Ethiopians together. There is no any other country where Muslims and Christians were so closely related with marriage, and social, economic, cultural and political activities. In Ethiopia, with the current TPLF-EPRDF government, things are changing fast to the worst. Most Ethiopian Muslims are aware of the divide and rule policy of the TPLF separatist. We fully acknowledge that the problem in Ethiopia is lack of democracy. The problem is the dictatorship of the Meles regime that indiscriminately killed peaceful demonstrators. Meles imprisoned the Ethiopian intellectuals who dedicated their lives to their beloved country. Meles and his associates control most of the business enterprises in Ethiopia. The majority of Ethiopian Muslims know and resist the sinister plan of the Meles led TPLF and continue living peacefully, as they always did, with their Christian, neighbors, friends, brothers and sister. However, the EPRDF government who fought to separate Tigray from its motherland and who claimed to be Marxist Leninist is now promoting radical Islam to weaken the unity of Ethiopia and suppress the Christians who stand for the unity of the country. The case in point is the appointment of Ali Abdo, the former Mayor of Addis Ababa; Kemal Baedri, the Supreme Court President and Election Board Chairman; Judges Adil Ahmed and Mohammed Amin Sani, who are ruling on the innocent opposition leaders; Shimelis Kemal the Chief EPERF prosecutor, and Junedi Sado, President of the Oromya state. Meles being with such narrow-minded individuals is working hard to destroy Ethiopia. This is the true nature of EPRDF. Ethiopians stand together without falling in the divide and rule trap of Meles and fight for democracy and freedom for all Ethiopians regardless of their race and religion. We should be aware of the Meles’ vicious techniques to evade Ethiopia from the face of the Earth. “The TPLF is taken as a defining entity because, unlike previous governments, it emerged with a radical and destabilizing political agenda. It shook the very spiritual and political foundation of the historic Ethiopian State by making ethnic politics as a guide to its governance. This was a far cry from the age-old tradition that was primarily based on maintaining the unity, national integrity and independence of the state. Some analysts agree that since the TPLF does not score high marks on the subject, it began to play -off one ethnic or religious group against the other for its own political survival. The unrestrained political support it has provided for the expansion of Islam is an extension of the same policy. As the TPLF consisted of a minority group, the consequence of its political game was to marginalize and exclude the majority which it thought could be more of a threat than a reliable political ally. The TPLF therefore chose to flirt with minorities, and, which it considered less dangerous to its power. To that end, the Christians, mainly the Orthodox Christians, which were supposed to be the flag bearers of Ethiopian nationalism and independence, are being systematically marginalized. The counter-weight for this was to attract Muslims into the TPLF’s political, economic and social fold, and to keep Ethiopia’s doors wide open to political Islam.” To read more on this issue click the following link. Read More.